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I've been able to create thread shared hashes of hashes and so forth... but the syntax to create a hash of anonymous arrays has me stumped. Getting this little snippet of code to work would be helpful. In fact, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Zwack

#!/usr/bin/perl5.8.8 -w use Data::Dumper; use threads; use threads::shared; my ($i, $j, $k) = (1, 2, 3); my %foo :shared; $foo{'bar'} = &share([]); #<-- Not what it wants $foo{'bar'} = [$i, $j, $k]; print Data::Dumper->new([\%foo],[qw(foo)])->Indent(4)->Quotekeys(1)->S +ortkeys(1)->Dump; exit;

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Re: Shared hash of anonymous arrays?
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Aug 29, 2006 at 22:21 UTC

    You've flagged the wrong line as giving the error:

    c:\test>junk Invalid value for shared scalar at c:\test\ line 8.

    The line with the problem is $foo{'bar'} = [$i, $j, $k];

    Not $foo{'bar'} = &share([]); #<-- Not what it wants this one.

    The problem is that having successfully assigned an anonymous array (reference) to $foo{bar} by disabling the problematic protoype using &share( [] );, you then try to assign a new, completely different anonymous hash reference to it.

    Instead of this $foo{'bar'} = [$i, $j, $k]; which (unsuccessfully) attempts to overwrite the shared anonymous hash with a different non-shared anonymous hash with three values in it, you should assign the values through the shared reference like this

    @{ $foo{'bar'} } = ( $i, $j, $k );

    With that change, your snippet produces

    c:\test>junk $foo = { 'bar' => [ #0 '1', #1 '2', #2 '3' ] };

    You may find Re: Using threads::shared with multidimensional arrays helpful.

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      Thank-you all, that solved my problem!
Re: Shared hash of anonymous arrays?
by GrandFather (Sage) on Aug 29, 2006 at 22:04 UTC

    $foo{'bar'} is an array reference so the assignment to the array is:

    @{$foo{'bar'}} = ($i, $j, $k);

    The code then prints:

    $foo = { 'bar' => [ #0 '1', #1 '2', #2 '3' ] };

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Re: Shared hash of anonymous arrays?
by mreece (Friar) on Aug 29, 2006 at 22:17 UTC
    note the synopsis from 'perldoc threads::shared' uses the :shared attribute or the share() function, but not both on the same variable.

    try removing the :shared attribute from the my %foo declaration.

    (do you intend to share the entire hash %foo or only $foo{bar}?)

    updated: i'm potentially way off base there, i am able to get it to 'work' (that is, stop producing the "Invalid value for shared scalar" error) using this approach or the others mentioned (@{$foo{'bar'}} = ($i, $j, $k);). it does seem plausible that you can't re-assign a new array-ref to a shared variable, but who knows what magic lurks beneath...? (not i!)