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Hello Fellow Monks of perl;

I'm having difficulties in declaring the $text field as global to the entire program. I've separated the slurp of the file into a separate scope, so that I can read the conversion parameter's line by line. How can I use the same $text that I slurped, in my while statement. What I have is a list of bogus names and clock numbers that I am globally replacing in my text file.

#!/usr/lib/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; { my $file1 = '/home/greyfox/data/TBLLOTUSNOTESPYRAMID.txt'; print "$file1\n"; local( $/, *INPUT ); open( INPUT, $file1 ) or die "Can't open $file1 $!\n"; our $text = <INPUT>; close INPUT or die "Can't close INPUT $!"; } my $file2 = '/home/greyfox/data/ConvTable.txt'; open (FD, $file2) or die "Can't open $file2 $!"; while (my $line = <FD>) { my @data = split (/\t/, $line); $data[0] =~ s/[ ]+$//g; $data[0] =~ s/,./,/g; our $text =~ s/$data[0]/$data[2]/g; our $text =~ s/$data[1]/$data[3]/g; print our $text; } close FD or die "Can't close FD $!";

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