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I've been dancing on rice-paper for 251 years now. One of these days I'll stop leaving footprints! Have only recently fallen in love with Perl (although I'll have to admit to concurrent affairs with Python, Scheme, C, Ruby, Lisp and assembler(any)) and really enjoy having fun while programming again. Most of my work for money and work for fun resolves to building ad hoc parsers typically for one-of-a-kind data conversions of some sort and of course, Perl is perfect for this kind of work. Another fascination centers around webwork—again made painless by Perl, (my current fixer-upper is Anyone out there want to hear about converting chess games to XML with Perl? That is my current piece of work and I'd be happy to babble about it...

Update: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 1:16:14 PM

While I'm still playing with PGNXML, I confess to backsliding into fractals! Can't help it— couldn't resist the challenge of 24– bit color and pretty pictures!

Update: Thursday, February 28, 2002 15:01:00

Haven't played around with fractals in months. Am still playing with PGNXML and for that matter PGN and Perl. So much so that there is now a perl-chess list hosted at Yahoo. Join with email to There is strength in numbers, a CPAN search on PGN will show an expanding universe of hopefully useful stuff--it will also show that fellow monk gmax does not labor alone!

Update: Monday, December 24, 2007 10:18:14 AM

6 years seems like an excessively long time to ignore this page, but I claim distraction! In the meantime, I've actually used Perl, either exclusively or in conjunction with other code, on every job I've worked. Something I find surprising if pleasant. It has taken over as my language of exploration and prototype from the previous usage of 'C'. Not that I've stopped programming in either of the two c's, but that I try first in Perl and then use the others for executables. In the immediate future, I'm going to devote a good deal of time to converting my website. I am aiming for a simpler design (Ala Jakob Nielsen) using a framework and a database back end. I'd like it to have at least one of the advantages of object orientation– messing behind the curtains propagates everywhere. Since a large part of the site is family history including family tree information, it's clear that this is not only a good thing, but pretty much mandatory. Ideally, I'd like to be able to open up the family database to other family members for additions and editing– thereby performing a small amount of de-albatrossing as it were.

Update: Tue May 03 03:46:12 2011

4 years on, time for another indicator that I'm still around. Still writing Perl, although am two-timing with Lisp on the side :) Still have the same blind spots, same crappy memory, likes, and dislikes. Have calmed down a good bit (I'm blaming that on my meds :) ) so life is fairly good. My current ambition is to keep my CPAN modules up to date (not as easy as one might expect) and just maybe add a thing or two along the way. Might want to point out that my website is, not .com--- got sloppy and missed a renewal and the old URL was snapped up by a squatter in Japan <sigh> I'm taking the view that perhaps I'm more of an .org guy than I ever was a .com guy :)

Update: Tue Feb 23 22:45:43 2021

10 years on, and I still on the right side of the grass. Still writing code in Perl, both in Win 10 and Linux. I've written enough Raku to know that I like Perl's distant cousin quite a lot. Still writing fractal code in C. Still have at least 4 Lisp(pick your ending/suffix here...) on every machine I own and like so.

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