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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; #usage: diskspace <number between 0 and 100> my $diskuse = $ARGV[0]; my $recipient = ''; #who gets the report my $dfrep = `df -k`; #get partition report my @partitions = split(/\n/,$dfrep); # split report my (@full, @ele, $usage, $x, $i); my $hostname = `hostname`; chomp($hostname); #check syntax unless ($diskuse > 0 || $diskuse < 100) { print "\nUsage: spaceuse <n>\n"; print "Where n is the maximum percentage of space, in use by " +; print "any disk partition\n"; } #check for partitions whose percent full is #greater than or equal to the percent entered #by the user. foreach $i (@partitions) { $_ = $i; if (m/(\d{1,2})%/) {$usage = $1} if ($diskuse <= $usage) { push(@full,$x) } $x++; } #create and mail report if ($#full != 0) { open(MAIL, "|mail -s \"Diskspace Warning\" $recipient"); print MAIL "\nWarning from $hostname\n"; print MAIL "These Partitions are dangerously full:\n\n"; for (@full) { $_++; $_--; #converts scalar to numberic $partitions[$_] =~ s/\s+/\t/g; @ele = split(/\t/, $partitions[$_]); printf MAIL "%13s %11s %11s %11s %4s %13s\n", $ele[0], + $ele[1], $ele[2], $ele[3], $ele[4], $ele[5]; } close(MAIL); }

Neil Watson