Where I am working, we have a requirement to provide an automatic regression test suite for an existing live application. The application is C++, not perl (though there is some perl glue already deployed for application monitoring). I'd quite like to do this using Perl, as I think the language is ideally suited. I also have permission to use any CPAN modules of my choice. I will still need to convince colleagues of the wisdom of this choice.

I use the Test::More and Test::Harness mechanisms in unit tests for modules used by the application glue. But, the full regression test is a much bigger prospect. On the automation side, I will need to be doing the following:

It occurs to me that there is a fundamental difference between an automation "step" and a test. If a test fails, I want the script to carry on and run more tests. If a step fails, I want it to pause requiring manual intervention. The pause could eventually time out, bailing the run, allowing the whole suite to be run in "lights out mode" unattended over a weekend.

My plan is to put the automation steps in first, and add the tests afterwards.

I'd be very interested in hearing from anybody who has attempted or achieved anything like this before. What tools have already been written that can help me? What problems and gotchas should I be careful to avoid?


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