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Re: Perl needs Zend

by blazar (Canon)
on Oct 21, 2006 at 18:58 UTC ( #579779=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl needs Zend

Fellow monks, I think I've finally answered the question as to why PHP is, generally speaking, more successful.

Compliments! You've just answered a fictious question. The real question is whether PHP is actually "more successful" (than what? Perl, I suppose) generally speaking or not. PHP and Perl are actually different things and to compare them is comparing apples with bananas. That the former may actually be more succesful in some application areas does not come as a surprise, since it is actually an application-specific language. To be fair I'm not even the slightest bit envious. Indeed I see the positive side of the thing in terms of the end of the "Perl eq CGI" era, which I would mostly welcome. Not that web development is not important and all, that's still only one aspect for a multipurpose multiparadigmatic language like Perl, period. That it contributed to its diffusion is a fortunate under some respects and unfortunate under others circumstance.

Zend even produces an Optimizer which makes all of your php code run up to "25times faster."

To me this is h-y-p-e.

Zend even offers certificates, and they are "confidant you will pass the first time."

So what? I can offer you a certificate as well. And if you pay me enough I'm more than confident you'll pass the first time as well. That some people considers certain certificates as a guarantee doesn't raise my respect for them, nor for the product they're aimed at. if that's the business, well I don't like the business. Anyway! Whatever, regardless of all this Perl is well alive and perfectly successful where... it is successful.

Another important thing Zend offers is consultation, which isn't readily available in the Perl community.

It is totally available, from professional consultants. That they're not backed up by a company doesn't make a bit of difference.

Maybe there is some way we can get Larry to hand over the project to Zend.

Gawd, you nearly killed me with this!!

Perl doesn't need Zend whatever it is. It only need its community which makes it probably the more community-built language ever...

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