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Re^2: where to place the .pl for cgi script

by davorg (Chancellor)
on Oct 25, 2006 at 09:33 UTC ( #580522=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: where to place the .pl fro cgi script
in thread where to place the .pl fro cgi script

but the precise answer to your question is that must be placed in the directory cgi-bin

Er... no. The precise answer is that must be placed in whatever directory the configuration of the web server has mapped to the URL /cgi-bin/. This is often a directory called cgi-bin but without examining the web server configuration files you can't be 100% sure. It's possible that it's not mapped onto any directory at all.

Typically this will be found in the public_html directory

Well, only on servers that have user directories enabled. And even then only on ones that allow individual users to have cgi-bin directories. That's pretty rare in my experience.


"The first rule of Perl club is you do not talk about Perl club."
-- Chip Salzenberg

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Re^3: where to place the .pl fro cgi script
by jonnyfolk (Vicar) on Oct 25, 2006 at 10:11 UTC

    davorg, you have to get out more. If you go to any of the millions of web hosting sites on the internet you will have trouble finding one that doesn't provide a cgi-bin.

    I had the feeling the the OP was looking for a pointer and if my reply helped then that's good and if not tant pis!

      Having spent five years supporting a set of CGI programs that non-programmers try to install on a wide range of web hosting packages, I'm well aware of how common the standard configuration is. I'm also aware of a significant proportion of web hosting companies who seem to delight in giving customers the weirdest configurations possible.

      Far too often I've confused someone by giving them the standard answer which didn't apply in their circumstances, so I've learnt that the only reasonable answer to give is "you need to ask the person who configured your web server". Your experience obviously differs from mine.


      "The first rule of Perl club is you do not talk about Perl club."
      -- Chip Salzenberg

        My comment was purely about the idea that it is rare to find cgi-bin for individual users.

        I respect your knowledge and experience, and the help that you give to others on these boards

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