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How to call Oracle stored procedures?

by ant (Scribe)
on Nov 01, 2006 at 09:24 UTC ( #581638=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

ant has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Fellow Monks,

I have a webpage that access a Oracle database, retrieves information and displays it. The sql is stored in the Perl scripts and executed and it all works really nicely.

However I want the Sql to be removed form the Perl, and use PL/SQL stored procedures instead. I've written the PL/SQL procedure and it compiles fine and works nicely.

I then took out the code for executing the sql script and replaced with code to execute a PL/SQL procedure.

I recieve the following error
ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtExecute)

The code looks like this in the main Perlscript.($login_id is defined higher up.)
my $sth = $dbh_conn->run_query('check_user', 'exec Mrf_Maint.check_use +r ?', $login_id);

run_query is another sub routine in a Perl module and looks like this.
sub run_query { my $self = shift; my $name = shift; my $query = shift; my $sth = $self->{'_conn'}->prepare($query) || print $DBI::errstr; + $sth->execute(@_) || print $DBI::errstr; return $sth; }
Please note I want this sub routine to be used from several webpages/applications so I don't know how many params will be coming in for each call, therefore I pass in @_ to the execute which then binds the params automamtically for me.

Why does the code work for a SQL script embedded into the Perl but not work for a stored procedure call. I've also granted all the the PL/SQL stored procedure.

Any pointers really will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Re: How to call Oracle stored procedures?
by ColtsFoot (Chaplain) on Nov 01, 2006 at 09:39 UTC
    From perldoc DBI Example 5 requires that you provide a stored procedure (SP_ISNULL in
    this example) that acts as a function: it checks whether a value is
    null, and returns 1 if it is, or 0 if not.

    Here is a table that indicates which examples above are known to work
    on various database engines:
    -----Examples------ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 - - - - - - - Oracle 9 N Y N Y Y ? Y Informix IDS 9 N N N Y N Y Y MS SQL N N Y N Y ? Y Sybase Y N N N N N Y AnyData,DBM,CSV Y N N N Y Y* Y
    So it looks as if executing Stored Procedures in Oracle
    is a bit iffy.


Re: How to call Oracle stored procedures?
by holcapek (Sexton) on Nov 01, 2006 at 10:15 UTC
Re: How to call Oracle stored procedures?
by ant (Scribe) on Nov 01, 2006 at 16:16 UTC

    Thanks for the replies, I Have delved even deeper into this, and it turns out that to get this working the way I want to, I have to call a oracle stored procedure and get it to return a Oracle cursor.

    Therefore part of my code in the main program now looks like this.
    my $accessroles; $accessroles = $dbh_conn->run_query('check_user', "begin Mrf_Maint. +check_user(?,?); end;", $login_id, $accessroles ); while(my $hashRef = $accessroles->fetchrow_hashref()){ foreach(keys %$hashRef){ print "$_ is $hashRef->{$_}<br>"; } }
    and in my database module, the run_query code looks like this
    my $self = shift; my $name = shift; my $query = shift; my $login_id = shift; my $accessroles = shift; my $ora = "ORA_RSET"; my $sth = $self->{'_conn'}->prepare($query) || print $DBI::errstr; $sth->bind_param(1, $login_id); $sth->bind_param_inout(2, \$accessroles, 0, { ora_type => 'ORA_RSET +'} ); $sth->execute() || print $DBI::errstr; return $accessroles;
    The second parameter that I'm binding is the OUT parameter as well as being of type CURSOR, which is why it also needs a few more parameters in the bind_param_inout call (line 52 in module).

    However The error message I now recieve is
    Can't bind :p2, ora_type 0 not supported by DBD::Oracle at line 52.
    Any further suggestions would be great.


    PS, pl/sql code looks like this
    CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE Mrf_Maint AS TYPE mrf_role IS REF CURSOR; PROCEDURE check_user(mrfid IN VARCHAR, + mrfrole OUT Mrf_Maint.mrf_role); END Mrf_Maint; /
    and body
    CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY Mrf_Maint IS PROCEDURE check_user(mrfid VARCHAR, mrfrole OUT Mrf_Maint.mrf_role) IS crsr Mrf_Maint.mrf_role; BEGIN OPEN crsr FOR SELECT access_role FROM TABLE WHERE field = mrfid; END; END; /
      DBI types are integers, not strings. That's why it complains that the string 'ORA_RSET' is zero (non-numeric strings == 0). ORA_RSET is a constant exported by DBD::Oracle, so you can say:
      use DBD::Oracle qw(:ora_types); $sth->bind_param_inout(2, \$accessroles, 0, { ora_type => ORA_RSET} );
      Or since constants in perl are just functions, you can just say:
      $sth->bind_param_inout(2, \$accessroles, 0, { ora_type => DBD::Oracle: +:ORA_RSET() } );
Re: How to call Oracle stored procedures?
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Nov 01, 2006 at 20:34 UTC
    I've been using DBIx::ProcedureCall for a while now and have no complaints. Perhaps something like the following untested code would work for you.
    ... use Data::Dumper; use DBIx::ProcedureCall qw(Mrf_Maint.check_user:packaged:cursor:fetch) +; ... $accessroles = Mrf_Maint::check_user( $login_id, [ \$accessroles, 0 ] +); print Dumper($accessroles);
      if you are trying to embed or execute a sql procedure in ant script use the following <sql ...............> <transaction>call mystoredprocedure();</transaction> </sql> -by nagaraj mamedi

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