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Hi Monks,

I am having trouble with searching for a string with special characters.

When I have texts without 'brackets' in the SFile, I get the required result but it fails if I want to search for a string with 'brackets'. Could someone help me or point to some documentation? Thanks.

#! /path/to/perl use strict; open (MAINFILE, "./TestFile") or die "Can't find file"; open (SFILE, "./SFile") or die "Can't find file"; my $search; while (<SFILE>) { $search = $_; print "search string is $search"; } close ( SFILE ); print "Now opening the main file\n"; while (<MAINFILE>) { if ( ! /$search/ ) { print "No Match found\n"; next; } else { print "Found $search in main file"; } } TestFile: Bus Bus(Mini) Car Van SFile: Bus(Mini)