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Well, as an aside ... if you pass that many parameters to a subroutine, have you considered using a hash and using name => value pairs? That would greatly reduce the risk of errors and makes all these variable declarations unnecessary ...

I was thinking of something like the following ... suitably adjusted to your concrete requirements of course (are all parameters necessary, should they get a default value if not given, ...)

# call the sub my_sub(userid => 'foo', password => 'bar'); sub my_sub { my %default_values = (userid => 'user', password => 'passwd'); my %param = (%default_values, @_); print $param{userid}, $/; print $param{password}, $/; # ... } # or with all required arguments sub my_sub { my @required = qw/userid password/; my %param = @_; for my $req (@required) { die "Subroutine my_sub called without required parameter: $req" unless exists $param{$req}; } print $param{userid}, $/; print $param{password}, $/; # ... }

-- Hofmator

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