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I am trying to generate RSS2 feeds that use custom or non-default namespaces. I have the following restriction, the solution must be Pure Perl, not requiring any compilation before I upload to a hosted server.

I can create the RSS2 feed fine enough with XML::RSS but I need to add some custom data to the feed. I was trying to follow the examples of itunes and yahoo by adding a custom namespace (module) to the feed (ala add_module), but that only seems to work for RSS1 and below.

I am using v1.12, because at v1.20 the module is no longer PP and it's prerequisites require compilation. The code I am using is almost straight out of the docs.

Updated: XML::RSS depends on XML::Parser which is not PurePerl. v1.20 added some date formatting routines that require DateTime to be installed which I cannot load on the remote machine.

Has anyone else had any luck with this?

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