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Re: CPAN modules on old versions of perl?

by Scott7477 (Chaplain)
on Nov 28, 2006 at 19:34 UTC ( #586558=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CPAN modules on old versions of perl?

Looking at the test reports that are gathered in the testers.db at CPAN-Testers, I note that submitted test results include a line specifying the version of Perl that the test was run under. I think that the OP's suggestion would be an effective way to provide the information he is talking about.

I'll rephrase it in the form of a spec just to make sure I understand what I am saying here:

CPAN Module--Perl Version Compatibility Checker
1. new functionality at in the form of a link on the home page to a page with a list of perl versions
2. a link from the new page referenced in 1 above to a page with a list of platforms
3. links on the new page referenced in 2 above to a page for each platform
4. on each platform page have a search box form where the user keys in the module they are looking for and the form returns a list of all test results that have been submitted for the module in question

Needless to say, this would require some tweaking of the SQLite database that CPAN-Testers are using. (caveat: obviously this would require some work, so by posting this I might seem like I'm volunteering:). I would actually be willing to work on it but couldn't promise quick results).

With regard to older versions of Perl, anyone who has looked at the cpan-testers mailing list recently can't have failed to notice the huge volume of test reports that bingos and others are generating. It is my understanding that bingos has concocted some code that is allowing him to generate these prodigious amounts of tests automatically. Should he choose to share his work with the Perl community at large, I think it wouldn't require a huge community effort to generate a largely complete set of test results for older versions of Perl, which would allow folks still stuck with old versions of Perl to get value out of this hypothetical system we are talking about here.

What does the monastery think? Am I off base here?
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