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Re: Confessional

by Limbic~Region (Chancellor)
on Dec 06, 2006 at 15:36 UTC ( #588115=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Confessional

My list of confessions probably is incomplete and will probably continue to grow. These are my Monastery related transgressions that I can remember:
  • I have cast votes just to gain XP
  • I have cast votes (up & down) based on author not content
  • I have updated my own nodes without annotation when I realized they were wrong
  • I have unfairly judged others based on influence from others rather than direct interaction
  • I have regretted posting a node I knew would get a lot of XP on days with low activity on the site
  • I have downvoted posts by an author based on things said in the CB and not based on content
  • I have monitored Saints in our Book to see how well I stacked up
  • I have only skim read posts when I assumed the author was wrong instead of giving the benefit of the doubt
  • I have recorded my XP achievements on my homenode
  • Lately I only give time to fun, interesting, or challenging posts and ignore others
  • Once, early on, I posted anonymous intentionally because I didn't want the downvotes I was sure it would get (it didn't)
  • I have been extremely frustrated by lack of attention to a reply because of where or when in the thread it appeared
  • As a result, I have intentionally replied to a node near the top of the thread so it would be seen
  • Also as a result, I have mentioned the node in the CB to draw attention to it
  • I have enjoyed getting upvotes based on the fact that "I posted it" rather than on content
  • I have kept a running count of how many posts of mine have > 100 XP
  • I have inconsistently been hard on authors for not doing more themselves
  • I have neglected family while I worked on something here
  • I have neglected work while I worked on something here
  • Voted on nodes to find out their reputation
  • Voted on author's highest rank node to see if it was higher than my own
  • I have been upset when a node of mine I felt should be frontpaged wasn't
  • I have refused to become a devil
  • I have sometimes assumed I was more adept at Perl based off relative XP
  • I have withheld some info when posting because I believed I wouldn't be helped otherwise
  • I have been a jerk for reasons unrelated to matters being discussed in the CB
  • I have tried to be the first to reply to a node I knew was going to get good XP
  • I have replied to nodes without fully reading them and complained when others have done the same to my own
  • I have assumed my code was better than someone else's without having tested it
  • I have voted on a node referenced in the CB without considering the context of the entire thread
  • To be continued...

Cheers - L~R

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