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Re: Module Confusion?

by themage (Friar)
on Dec 07, 2006 at 11:40 UTC ( #588299=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Module Confusion?

Hi Ronnie,

Once you already have the use ACC_Various qw(... update_report ...); line in your use, you don't need to prefix the update_report call with the ACC_Various.

Anyway, you are calling it the wrong way (I presume it was a typo, as it would give you a syntax error as is - at least in perl 5.8). To call ACC_Various with the prefix you can do it using two diferent ways:
ACC_Various::update_report(...); &ACC_Various::update_report(...);
As you have the use importing the update_report, you can also call it with:
Update: As the error message is about Undefined subroutine &ACC_Heather::update_report I would say that your use is not doing the expected, or that you are not adding update_report to our @EXPORT or our @EXPORT_OK in ACC_Various.

Hope this clarifies your questions.

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