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by unixwzrd (Beadle)
on Feb 17, 2001 at 08:01 UTC ( [id://59079]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This needs to be worked on, but when I get a chance.

I am an independent systems consultant. Here's a quite old copy of my resume which needs updating, and <peeve>headhunters always seem never to actually have *read* it and always want me to send them a copy in "Word format" because they haven't figured out Word imports HTML </peeve>, if you're interested...

My history of computing goes back to 1976 when I got my hands on an IBM 1620 my high school had acquired. It had lots of blinky lights, core plane memory, read punched cards, and had data entry terminal. I still have the programming manual for it.

Almost at the same time I gained access to a Hewlett Packard HP-2000 "Minicomputer". The machine was the size of a couple or refrigerators and a room full of disk drives all looking like washing machines. It used LSI ADM-3A dumb terminals and DecWriter LA-36 printer terminals. I was hooked and spent as many hours at the University as I could learning everything I could.

That was also back when the only personal computers were the Altair 8080, and the Imsai 8080. Managed to get access to another University machine a DEC-20.

Culture shock: my first college class was FORTRAN (WATFIV, actually). We were forced to use punch cards and would wait patiently for our jobs to work their way up the IBM 370's job queue and then wait for the operator to bring us our printouts.

To be continued...

Here's a fairly recent photo notice Conway's book in front - one of my top 10.

I hope to take a brief vacation here. Ever want to take the controls of a Boeing 737?

Shameless plug: one of my clients sells travel insurance on the web. If you need travel insurance, give them a visit here, it helps keep gainfully employed ;-)

Music? Check out 3WK usually playing on my laptop when I'm not listening to one of my CD's.

If you want to drop me a line, you can at:
Note: no "mailto" tag, I don't like them personally... I use Mutt for my mua and Vim for for my editor and like it that way.

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