Some time in the recent past, my wife made a"technical" suggestion to her supervisor.

She wanted to make some cosmetic changes to the web page in order to help "clients" realize that important changes had been made. This was resisted by her supervisor. Why?

Was she a PHB?      No. She is very forward thinking and very intelligent.

Was she closed minded?      Again, no. She does a good job listening and understanding what a person says.

My wife explained to me that she thought that she was speaking a different language from her supervisor. She didn't know how to get her ideas across.

This also happened when she tried to explain how to improve office processes at another job further in the past.

My wife reminds me that she has a tendency to see problems everywhere and to want to fix them. This doesn't lead to friction so much as blank stares.

This is my question(s):

Have you ever encountered a non-PHB induced event such as this?

How is the best way to deal with it?

     Living with it?

     Keeping on working toward your goal(s)?

     Curl up in a fetal position and fall into a great depression?

Maybe the question is:

     How would you talk to someone when you're in very different mindsets or speaking "different languages"?

Thank you :)