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Re^2: Using a filehandle tucked into an array

by chromatic (Archbishop)
on Dec 30, 2006 at 19:38 UTC ( #592364=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Using a filehandle tucked into an array
in thread Using a filehandle tucked into an array

It's off-topic, but I'm really curious about your use of quoting constructs in place of quoted strings. What's your reasoning here? I've never seen it before, and I assume there's an interesting reason.

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Re^3: Using a filehandle tucked into an array
by johngg (Abbot) on Dec 30, 2006 at 22:42 UTC
    My background is *nix, specifically SunOS/Solaris, and I had been quite happy using normal quoted strings for years. Then I installed Active Perl on a PC at home but really struggled to write one-liners because of the quoting conventions on MS Windows. When I found out about q{...} and qq{...} and applied them in one-liners they made life easy again. I have now got into the habit of using them all the time so that I don't have to make adjustments when I move between systems.

    That's the only reason really. They involve a little more typing and they are not as familiar to most as quoted strings but, for me, they are more convenient.



Re^3: Using a filehandle tucked into an array
by qbxk (Friar) on Dec 30, 2006 at 21:01 UTC
    i do this too a lot. i just feel it's superior. for one, you so often need to use " or ' in your strings, and you're free to this way, your trade is that you can't use unbalanced forms of your quote marker (so, if you use [ as in qq[] you can't write qq[ :[ = sad face ], that's a syntax error), but in the rare case you must use unbalanced brackets in a in a string, it's probably only of one kind, so just qq with another. there's something good about forcing balance too, i'd use balanced double quotes if we had them (on the same level of accessibility)

    another argument is if you want to change your double or single quote status for some reason you just have to change the "front" of the string, usually easier to find, and obviously, also half as much to search for.

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