Category: E-Mail Programs
Author/Contact Info J K Hoffman
ryumaou at sbcglobal dot net
Description: Just another quick and dirty script I used to extract e-mail addresses from an mbox mail file. It pulls them and prints them to the screen, so I redirect them to a text file and use the other, related script I posted, to make sure they are valid.
Again, not the prettiest script, but it got the job done!
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# a quick and dirty way to pull e-mail addresses out of a mail file
# not overly pretty and there's probably a better way to do it, but...
# written by J K Hoffman on 1-7-07

our $MAILBOX = $ARGV[0];

use strict;
use Email::Find;
use IO::File;

# What time are we going to start this mess?
my $st = localtime;
print "Process started at $st\n";

# Read the mailbox
my $fh = IO::File->new($MAILBOX)
  or die "unable to read mailbox '$MAILBOX': $!";
my $mail;
  local $/;
  $mail = <$fh>;

# Find addresses
my %addy;
my $finder = Email::Find->new(
  sub {
    my($email, $orig_email) = @_;

    $addy{ $email->address }++;
    return $orig_email;

foreach my $address (keys %addy) {
  print "$address $addy{ $address }\n";

# What time did it end?

my $et = localtime;
print "Process ended at $et\n";