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Re^2: symbols

by Thelonius (Priest)
on Jan 11, 2007 at 16:12 UTC ( [id://594190]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    perl -e 'binmode STDOUT, ":encoding(cp437)"; print chr(0xA3), "\n"' \
       | od -c -t x1
    0000000 234  \r  \n
            9c 0d 0a
  2. or download this
    perl -e 'binmode STDOUT,":encoding(latin-1)"; print chr(0xA3),"\n"' \ 
       | od -c -t x1
  3. or download this
    0000000 243  \r  \n
            a3 0d 0a
  4. or download this
    perl -e 'binmode STDOUT, ":encoding(cp437)"; print chr(0x9C), "\n"' \ 
       | od -c -t x1
  5. or download this
    "\x{009c}" does not map to cp437.
    0000000   \   x   {   0   0   9   c   }  \r  \n
            5c 78 7b 30 30 39 63 7d 0d 0a

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