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Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]

by brusimm (Pilgrim)
on Jan 14, 2007 at 19:18 UTC ( #594651=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


I realize there are numerous sources for finding all nodes that I have written, but I am trying to locate nodes I have initiated, and not see my nodes that are replies. I am trying to build a collection of node links for future reference for myself, or others who may someday be in the shoes I was (am now) in during my formative years of Perl. But I can’t create the link that I am interested in.

I’ve run Super Search , but the “Link to preload this search” from Super Search only creates, well, a preloaded Super Search page, but I would like to create my own link from this input parameter without going through Super Search. This is the link for pre-loading the search preload.

How would I format that type of link, or can I?

Thanks for your time folks.

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Re: Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]
by hossman (Prior) on Jan 14, 2007 at 21:03 UTC

    Super Search will return results for a GET request -- the form just happens to use POST by default. if you add ";go=Search" to a preload URL it will execute the search with those inputs instead of loading the form filled in with those inputs: brusimm's top level nodes

    [link://?node_id=3989;a=brusimm;re=N;go=Search|brusimm's top level nod +es]

    As a personal note: eliminating any replies youve written may not be as usefull as you think in the long run ... i find that many of the most generally usefull things i've ever written (to perlmonks, or on other forums/mailing lists) have been replies to other peoples questions.

      As I've said several times recently, this will be "fixed", so adding "go=Search" to your URLs will be ignored fairly soon anyway so don't bother. If you want to have the search done, then you need to POST, either from the Super Search page or by creating your own form, such as in your Free Nodelet (or via javascript in your Free Nodelet). Such a form need not have any input fields, just a submit button (with "hidden" items to set parameters you want to use).

      But there is a point and even value in allowing people to more easily set up their own searches that don't require first loading the Super Search page. Personally, I have long ago become too exasperated with the randomness I've found in every browser when it decides whether to just fetch a page from the cache without reloading it from the site. So I've set the browser that I most use with PerlMonks to "Never" check whether a page from its cache needs to be refreshed, which means that if I created a canned Super Search link, it wouldn't actually connect to PerlMonks except the first time I used it (or after it had been quite a long time since I last used it). But most people don't have such a configuration (and for some good reasons).

      Meh, I foresee too much potential for problems from willy nilly links kicking off super searches every time that anyone clicks them, and yet I'd like for people to be able to easily set up links for their own use that skip loading the Super Search page (though you shouldn't make all of your links kick off the search, as the oportunity to adjust the search before kicking it off can often be important). The obvious hack is to require "go=tye" and then such a link only auto-starts for me, but that's rather hackish.

      Anyway, I'm going to bed. Good job. I'll likely kill you in the morning. Er, I mean: I'll likely "fix" Super Search so "go=Search" in a GET request URL is ignored soon enough, so don't get too used to it working.

      - tye        

        First, thank you everyone for your input on the issue.

        tye, is "go=search" causing system issues? Is this why you are canning that particular option? I'm not sure I understand your premise for this. Are we experiencing problems now a days from too many people doing this?

        I only ask because as I see it today, (tomorrow I might be smarter) it is incredibly convenient to have a link that can do something I plan on doing somewhat frequently. Would you consider adding a "My Top Level Nodes I Wrote" link in the "Find Nodes" sidebar? My premise for this is a cleaner result screen when I search for the nodes I created, rather than seeing not only the nodes I started, but each and every response also. I am aiming to create a result in a more timely fashion with as few a site interactions as possible. Some days, being new at this, the site seems so far above my head when I am trying to find simple assistance, and I am trying to find processes that will make it a bit simpler for folk in my same shoes today. And possibly, having this option on the sidebar, can eliminate some overhead so others don't duplicate this option in their home nodes.

        Again, thanks everyone for your time on this issue. Regards, - Bruce

      i find that many of the most generally usefull things i've ever written (to perlmonks, or on other forums/mailing lists) have been replies to other peoples questions.
      Ditto. But when looking for something I've written, I usually know whether it was a reply or a root post, so only would want to search one or the other.
Re: Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]
by gaal (Parson) on Jan 14, 2007 at 20:12 UTC
Re: Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]
by jdporter (Chancellor) on Jan 14, 2007 at 20:02 UTC

    You've done the right thing. The pre-loaded Super Search you formulated is exactly the place to start. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to avoid the SS page itself.

    A word spoken in Mind will reach its own level, in the objective world, by its own weight
Re: Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]
by ww (Archbishop) on Jan 14, 2007 at 20:48 UTC
    Update See the reply from ysth, directly below. As to I don't know why that's "much better" (except it's obviously fewer keystrokes), but when a deity speaks, one should listen (and /me /msgd him a request to expand with an explanation) ysth's explanation and jonadab's below are in close agreement, with ysth pointing out that my suggestion in the next paragraph is subject to the same critique as offered in the last paragraph. Live and learn..and strike the next para!

    In Super Search, at the option to Skip titles containing, you could insert "Re" (which will eliminate nodes labeled as replies, though it will return your homenode).

    On the other hand, you could set the Show____nodes in Perl Monks User Search (AKA "Nodes You Wrote") to a sufficiently high value to encompass ALL the nodes you've ever written; and using a script, capture those and process -- perhaps using a match on the order of

    against each entry.

    But that does seem rather far from what you've asked about doing, and somewhat the long way around the barn, compared to the Super Search alternative.

      I don't know why that's "much better"

      It's almost certainly easier on the database, in terms of load. Being a reply to another node would be a dedicated field in the table, so no string pattern match would be required.

      Sanity? Oh, yeah, I've got all kinds of sanity. In fact, I've developed whole new kinds of sanity. You can just call me "Mister Sanity". Why, I've got so much sanity it's driving me crazy.
Re: Looking for "Nodes You Wrote" [A Beginners Inquiry]
by brusimm (Pilgrim) on Jan 19, 2007 at 17:59 UTC
    "I find that many of the most generally usefull things I've ever written have been replies to other peoples questions."

    hossman, I understand what you are saying, but for the moment, while I am trying to learn Perl and other processes involved with it, seeing only the nodes that I started, means being able to go back to review & learn from the responses & seeing who responded / helped me with my question. This way I know who to thank or enter into further correspondence with, if they're so inclined.

    Much better to use the "Don't include replies" option on Super Search.

    ysth++ Bingo.. That works best for me at the moment, until I can learn how to implement the programming tidbits that tye suggested. (For the moment, those are pretty advanced / foreign to me, but I'll figure it out soon. That's what I'm here for!)

    Thank you everyone.

      To help get you started: Just look at the HTML source of Super Search and put a similar form in your Free Nodelet. Include the "hidden" items. Replace any items that you want pre-selected with an appropriate "hidden", leave out items that you don't want to be able to specify (perhaps everything will be left out that isn't hidden), and you'll get a button that does the search you want.

      For example, the following HTML:

      <input type="radio" name="re" value="A" /> Include <b>replies</b> from <i>any</i> section<br /> <input type="radio" name="re" value="S" checked /> Include <b>replies</b> from <i>selected</i> sections<br /> <input type="radio" name="re" value="N" /> <i>Don't</i> include <b>replies</b><br /><p>

      Would mean that you would want to include the following HTML in your form in order to not include replies:

      <input type="hidden" name="re" value="N" />

      - tye        

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