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I'm very new to database "stuff" so this is the best place I know to ask this (boy does that sound negative! ;-)).
Right now I'm figuring out the basics with mySQL but I will probably have to use a non-open source DB when this project takes off ... I just hope that doesn't mean I'll have to start learning all over again.

Here's the deal:
I'm working with 2 databases. They are seperated for security reasons.
One is on a private intranet database. It's constantly changing.
The other is online and part of a website where people can see what's happening.

The problem is that I need to synchronize the online database every x minutes and I have no idea how to do this :-(

Are there any tricks (Perl or SQL) to get the changed parts of a database so I don't need to copy the whole thing (which would be impossible)?
Should I just check EVERY item in it with a hash of the data that was in it last time?

Any links to good database information sites are appreciated because I'm just getting into it and I like to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible ;-)