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Hero Zzyzzx

by Hero Zzyzzx (Curate)
on Feb 20, 2001 at 03:38 UTC ( [id://59531]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

About Me:

I'm a web developer working for agencies that give free civil legal services to the poor in Massachusetts, USA. Actually, I'm the ONLY fulltime web person out 26 programs. It's great work people!

My Interests:

  • Family- yes, that's my daughter in the picture above. And yes, she's sitting on the potty. And yes, she's going to hate me for these pictures when she's 14.
  • Cooking- I'd never do it for a job, but I love cooking. The cooks' best friend is Google, I use it all the time to find interesting ideas.
    One of my projects in the future is to create an online recipe-parsing program, that pulls keywords for indexing out of recipes acquired from cutting-and-pasting and via LWP. Should be fun!
  • Music- What I'm listening to now:
    • Dan "The Automator" Nakamura
    • Deltron 3030
    • DJ Krush
    • Handsome Boy Modeling School
    • Kool Keith
    • Blackalicious
    • Tenacious D
    • De La Soul
    • Pretty much anything produced by Prince Paul
    • Medeski, Martin, and Wood
    • 4 Hero
    • Mos Def
    • The Roots
    • Blackeyed Peas
    • Frank Zappa
    • Greyboy Allstars
    • Mr. Bungle
    • The Skatalites (perhaps the best live show I've EVER seen. . .)
    • DJ Spooky
    • DJ Shadow
    • DJ Qbert
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Roots Reggae of any kind
    • Dub of any kind
    • First wave SKA of any kind


About the picture above

That photo was taken with a 38 year-old camera: A Honeywell-Pentax Spotmatic, 55mm Super Takumar lens and a Vivitar 230 flash. With retro-photography, you get excellent results for very little money. I do miss a motor drive, though. The original has an incredible level of detail.

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