Order PERL and CGI For the World Wide Web

Item Description: A beginners guide to Perl.

Review Synopsis: Beginner's Perl

Well when I first picked up this book, I had no clue what Perl or CGI was or internet programming in general even was. I was very uneducated in this area of computing and programming as you can see. However, when I started to read through the first few chapters of it (the book,) I started to get a grasp on what Perl did and can do for you on a web server. As I read on in the book, I continued to pick up many basic control structure loops, and so on, picking up the syntax like an easily understood entity.

As most of you seasoned Perl veterens out there know, this is simply another beginners guide to starting out in the world of Perl/CGI scripting. It even specifies that it's a beginner to intermediate's book. However, it is really an informative and helpful book for it's money for anyone who is new or a beginner to Perl as a whole. It breaks down big concepts into bite-size pieces and is easily understood from cover to cover.

The only drawback to this book is it's not really the type of book someone in the true Perl collective would want to read or even be associated with. It is definently not for the Perl eleet due to it being close to what MSA's information or Selena Sol's stuff is, and they are really not in the real perl eleet. (Far from it.)

In conclusion, if you are interested in starting out in the world of Perl, but don't know where to really start, go out and buy this book, because it's a great first book to learn Perl in, and will help you become very basically knowledgeable in this subject we know as Perl.

Thank you if you have read this at least to the end! :-)