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Last update: Nov 29, 2021 at 17:05 UTC
[erix]Aha: new SQLite STRICT tables -- (actual data types, you know integer, and what not)
[erix]heh: for developers who "prefer that kind of thing"
[LanX]LanX erix is blij again! :)
[choroba]Cool. It should be now even easier to answer SQL related questions on SO, even if they are related to other db engines ;-)
[choroba]BTW, "blij" in Czech is the imperative of "vomit"
[erix]erix is happy to hear that
[erix]Look like this SQLite-typing business is a bit half-hearted (needs work)
[erix]ah well, nice direction for improvement anyway
[LanX]I learned "blij" from a pic showing a bilingual xmas banner over a shopping street un Brussels, so the Czech interpretation fits too