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[Tux]Now that modern Linux dists do not have /dev/mixer anymore (from alsa), what would be the prefered module to control audio-volume?
[Tux]I used to use Audio::Mixer, but as /dev/mixer does not exist anymore, I need something else, and I find Gstreamer1 a bit overkill
[ambrus]Tux: no clue, I never tried to automate changing mixer volume settings. A program doing that would be rude: I lower the volume, then a program raises it back because it wants to scream ads at me, just imagine it. There's a reason why almost no program
[ambrus]other than specific UI mixer programs do that.
[Tux]You've obviously not seen my LT in Ireland :)
[haukex]Does anyone know if a bareword filehandle can be assigned to?...
[choroba]Tux I usually script amixer, is it gone, too?
[ambrus]That said, I just haven't worked with audio much, other than reencoding music for pocket music players.
[choroba]as in /usr/bin/amixer set 'Master',0 2%+
[haukex]To be specific: assigned to in a way that closes the filehandle, like with the lexical $fh = undef?
[Tux]I built a radio that parses the playlist being played, and sets the volume based on the artist. The radio has feedback buttons. ++ will raise the volume (als in the future) -- will lower the volume. If the stored volume drops below 3, it will automaticall
[Tux]switch station, e.g. on junk like U2 and Coldplay. It will follow both playlists and switch back to the original station when the junk is over
[Tux]$work now bbl
[haukex]Oh wait *FH = *DUMMY works
[Discipulus]yes haukex might be interested in Re: Why don't file handles have sigils? (*)
[haukex]Thanks! I'm trying to find out if $fh=undef has an equivalent for bareword handles, but I haven't found it yet
[Discipulus]perl -we "open FH,'>','test.txt' or die;print FH $0; undef *FH; print FH $0" or i miss something?
[haukex]Thank's that's another good one! It also affects the package variables $FOO, @FOO, %FOO though
[Discipulus]also proved with perl -lwe "open FH,'>','test.txt' or die;print fileno FH ; undef *FH; print fileno FH"
[haukex]Yep, thanks!
[Discipulus]see also What delete from symbol table really means? (Deleting typeglob of a specified package) because I *suppose* you can undef $::{n}; delete $::{n} but i cant prove atm ;)
[haukex]Hmm thanks let me check that!

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[haukex]I'm looking for a way that'll only affect the IO slot... but I have to go right now
[choroba]Re recent discussions about Zoom...
[marto]that's pretty much what I linked to yesterday
[Discipulus]haukex if you read the chat history can be done using *FH = geniosym; I'll msg you
[Discipulus]my scratchpad test
[Discipulus]ah ok.. ;)
[Discipulus]Corion WMC sendkeys isproven to work, I imagine. because i was not able to use it but probably is the webpage I'm playing with, the problem