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CPAN has a lot of free-to-use modules that might help you getting most of your idea done.

I question if the agressive commerce has something to do with creativity. One of CPAN's main purpose is to act as a staircase for creators: someone publishes something that was created after a lot of investigation and skills. Everybody expects that some other might use it to achieve something even bigger. The benefit is shared by all the community.

Please, apreciate that most of the real present creation is coming from opensource and free & uncompromised improvements. If I were planning to become rich before putting my code into existence, I wouldn't expect to reach there very soon. But I could hope that exposing my ideas they might reach someone that is able to convert them in a real thing.

Besides, I would use a structured config file to keep all my posibly growing list of functions and commands. XML or YAML would do. YAML is also, easy to edit.

This chaotic and conservative state of property might have started by a guy who after being rejected by his girlfriend went to an office and patented the Moon and other Solar System satelites as his property. He has never reached those lands, but everybody has to buy him a piece of it if they are planning to go some day.

This is the most silly thing because it is based on the presumption that everybody respects the actual state of patents. (remember USA's law of property in the 1800 when the British Encyclopedia was not theirs in America).

So, keep on coding, and don't wait until you become rich to create something original.