I've marked this post off topic because it doesn't really apply to just Perl, although in my specific instance it's all about Perl.

I put in a proposal to talk at a users' conference and was accepted for a 60 minute session. My topic is a Perl module I've written that acts a wrapper for the web based API of a commercial product.

I've presented before (stand up training, scripted educational sessions, and formal talks like this), and public speaking comes easy for me. My question is this: How best can a person present code? The presentation format will be a typical lecture format. (ie Me behind a lectern in an auditorium with a project.) Copying and pasting code into Powerpoint doesn't seem too friendly for a 60 minute talk.

I can't take a laptop*, and I doubt I'll have the ability to install software on the computer I'll be using. Presumably, I'll have access to MS Office, Acrobat, and perhaps other common software packages.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?



-- Yeah, I'm a Delt.

* The presenation is in Vegas and the last person from my department that went to Vegas had their laptop stolen from their hotel room, so the edict is no laptops go to Vegas.

UPDATE: edited title per Consideration request: s/Presenations/Presentations/