OK, so I needed a break last night and I have been watching the Actor's Studio and its final questionnaire a tad too much lately, so I came up with yet an other stoopid idea...

The Marcel Perl Questionnaire is a Perl version of the famous (?) Proust Questionnaire (which was not created by Proust by the way, he just answered it cleverly). The aim is to come up with a series of questions that reveal something on the questionnee's.

So here it is, with my answers:

Favorite Perl Instruction mapeven in void context {grin}
Least Favorite Instruction pack/unpackPerl Geek Code PU!
Favorite Looping Mechanism foreach
Least Favorite Looping Mechanism for( $i=0; $i<@array; $i++)if I wanted to write C I would use C
Favorite Module XML::TwigI wonder why! Narrowly beats Bone::Easy
Least Favorite Module XML::DOMNice module, but the DOM is an awful standard
Favorite Special Variable $/especially changing it while reading a file
Least Favorite Special Variable $. because it is not reset when reading several files through <>
Favorite variable type blessed scalarvery cool to use as object
Favorite Command Line Switch -p-P is cool too
Least Favorite Command Line Switch -sso much abuse is possible through this one!
Favorite Pragma overloaddespite the performance penalty
Favorite Regexp Modifier exealthough I try to stick to ex
Favorite Regexp Metachar \Lwe don't need no stinkin' upper case!
Favorite Descriptive Variable Name totoI am French!
Favorite HERE Doc delimitor THISor THAT
Favorite Filehandle INor... OUT