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I have a generic non-sense personal blog (in Portuguese), which is my main blog about my life.

I have a generic technical personal blog (in Portuguese).

I have my use.perl journal.

I have a blog solely devoted to the bad translations one finds on Portuguese TV (in Portuguese, of course).

I have a blog solely devoted to pictures, where I post pictures of things that make absolutely no sense.

I have a blog where I complain about companies that give poor service (in Portuguese).

I have a blog where I just post poetry that I write (in Portuguese).

I have a blog just for Things for which I crave (which I haven't started to update properly).

Oh, and I also have a Portuguese jokes website that features four new jokes each day :-)

Others have suggested me to use tags and put everything in the same place, but I don't like mixing apples and oranges.

I did create some feeds that aggregate everything I write. They're available in my homepage.