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Re^2: XP whore

by blazar (Canon)
on Apr 08, 2007 at 13:58 UTC ( #608896=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: XP whore
in thread XP whore

I was about to answer several of the previous replies, but since you sum up their points and expand on them to some extent, I'll just reply to you and hopefully address them all.

I agree with the anonymous poster that clear cases of plagerism are a different animal, and not included under the usage of "XP whore" that I've seen. Neglecting to give credit, whether from thoughtlessness or a lack of ethics, does come under "XP whoring", and although it is sometimes casually referred to as plagerism, that casual usage doesn't belong in a definition.

Well, for one thing I wrote, literally: "and would do anything for them, including undertaking unethical actions like plagiarism". So that it's clear enough to me that

  1. unethical actions are a possibility in connection to XP whoring, not a necessary cause nor a consequence;
  2. plagiarism itself is just one possibile "unethical" action.

So I'm somewhat suggesting that the two phenomenona are somewhat correlated but never state that they are exactly the same and not even specify a formal correlation between them.

Also, I put "unethical" in quotes above: of course this adjective should be taken cum grano salis. That is the ethics of this little virtual community has certainly common principles with that of the real world, but also has different traits and thus that word may be understood in a lighter way. Certainly no animal nor human is harmed or killed in the process of XP whoring, and I doubt you would get totally sympathetic reactions from someone in the "real world", who is not a monk here, if you exposed to him or her your rant that some individual is e.g. copying material without attribution just to earn points...

OTOH believe it or not I thought of the root node as a general utility one and I'm all open to suggestions for better wording. Indeed I would be happy if it were wiki-like modifiable.

Also, Marza said it succinctly with his "Ok?", but I need the slightly longer version:

<grumble> Having this node plunked down in the middle of PerlMonks Discussion, without any context, was a significant puzzle, at least for me. Parv gave me the essential link to figure out what was going on (Much thanks). With that I could figure out that I was wasting my time figuring it out. </grumble>

Well, I'm sorry you were puzzled, but I think I explained clearly enough the reasons for the post in the post itself with the words: "Posted here for future reference". Indeed I thought of it much like XY problem, although not just as ambitious. Simply there was not such a thing at the Monastery yet, and by a circumstance, I happened to need it at another place, but that was, in fact, just a circumstance. Just like I needed it in this situation, one may need it in another one. So that just like we could already write e.g. "I feel smell of XY problem here", now we can write e.g. "I feel smell of XP whoring here". Admittedly, not just as useful, but... totally useless either? Oh, and of course the former node is a meditation and rightly so, but this one, referring to a PM specific term, was IMO better fit for PMD.

A brief comment at the end of the OP saying something like

Last, given the simple dictionary entry like style, I wanted the text to stay as simple as possible.

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