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Hash table checker doesnt work

by hodashirzad (Novice)
on Apr 10, 2007 at 07:56 UTC ( #609089=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

hodashirzad has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hi all,

The following script is for my crawler to go to a page and get a list of products of that page and the next page. it is a recursive function but there are two problems with it.
1. I am using HTML:TokeParser and a while loop that gets all the links and it has to check two things class of the link or the href but when I put them both together the program only checks for the class and it skips the href:
next unless defined($token->[1]{href}); next unless defined($token->[1]{class}); next unless $token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/ || $token->[1]{class} = +~ /top10_link/; my $urls = $token->[1]{href};
2. the problem is that it loops forever even after I put all the accepted links in a hash table and I check the hash table before adding the next link & recursing. some how it just goes ahead and adds the existing link to the hash anyway:
if(!$parent{$urls}){ my $count = keys %parent; $parent{$urls} = $i; my $count2 = keys %parent; print "$i: count1 is: $count and count2 is $count2\n$urls\n"; if ($urls =~ /page=/){ print "!!!!!!!!!!!!recursing!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; #print "\n\"$i $title\"\n $parent{$urls}\n"; &passing($urls); } }
and here is the whole of the script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use HTML::TokeParser; use LWP::Simple; use URI::URL; my %parent; sub passing{ my $url = shift; my $data = get($url) or die $!; #the magical parser. my $p = HTML::TokeParser->new(\$data); my $i=0; while (my $token = $p->get_tag("a")) { next unless defined($token->[1]{href}); next unless defined($token->[1]{class}); next unless $token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/ || $token->[1]{class} = +~ /top10_link/; my $urls = $token->[1]{href}; $urls =~ s/&PHPSESSID=.*//g; $urls = &canonical($urls, " +.php"); my $title = $p->get_trimmed_text; if (!$parent{$urls}){ $parent{$urls} = $i; if ($urls =~ /page=/){ print "!!!!!!!!!!!!recursing!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; #print "\n\"$i $title\"\n $parent{$urls}\n"; &passing($urls); } } $i++; } } sub canonical{ if (not $_[0] =~ m%^http://%){ $_[0] = url($_[0])->abs($_[1]); } return $_[0]; } &passing(" +n%20Replacement%20Cartridges");
Any help is appriciated, Thanks in advance.

++Update:I figured why the hash dont work if i start the $i with 1 instead of 0 it will work, i dont know why but if i give the value of the hash 0 it doesnt like it but if I give anything else works fine.

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Re: Hash table checker doesnt work
by ferreira (Chaplain) on Apr 10, 2007 at 10:41 UTC

    If you're having trouble getting the recursion right, you must peek inside the structures that control your recursion, like %parent in this case. You could use something like

    use Data::Dumper; ... print Dumper \%parent;
    But I don't see any code that adds entries to this hash. How recursion is being controlled if every time a URL passes through the code, it meets (apparently) the same conditions again? I think that self-referencing pages should be quite common.

    As an aside note, most often you should not use subroutine calling like &passing(). Prefer plain passing().

      Sorry that was a typo mistake but i mananged to get it working now by just having the $i start from 1 instead of 0 but I dont know why when I start the $i from 0 it ignores the


Re: Hash table checker doesnt work
by ferreira (Chaplain) on Apr 10, 2007 at 10:03 UTC

    Update: That was a mistake. I didn't know what I looked at to see this error that isn't there.

    The first thing I spotted in your code was:

    next unless $token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/ || $token->[1]{class} =~ /t +op10_link/;
    which has some precedence problems. You really meant:
    next unless ($token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/) || ($token->[1]{class} =~ /top10_link/);
    next unless ($token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/) or ($token->[1]{class} =~ /top10_link/);
      Thanks the code you said works but gives me errors (uninitialised) for the links that havent got class identified so I decided to use if statement instead of next unless :
      next unless defined($token->[1]{href}) || defined($token->[1]{class}) +; if (defined($token->[1]{class}) && $token->[1]{class} =~ /top10_link +/){ do some code } if($token->[1]{href} =~ /\?page=/){ do some code }
      Thanks again

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