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It may be Too Much !

by bobione (Pilgrim)
on Feb 26, 2001 at 22:12 UTC ( #60916=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Obfuscation is what I prefer in PERL ;)
This is my first attempt in the DarkSide of PERL !
I tried to be original and varied...

#!/usr/bin/perl $pAr=0; for($rnl=1; $rnl<4;$rnl++){s; ;io ;;open(ntH,$0)||die;<ntH>;while( <ntH>){chomp; $tha=$_;$pAr++;$gNu ="ec";if($Jrk[$pErl]){$pErl.=$rnl} @Jrk=map{reverse lc $_}qw(Monk I'd Like To Be);$_=~ tr u eu Au;{$sPr=~s,rr,r,} $sPr.=substr(reverse ($tha),-($rnl+1),1);$EOF= "te";}if($gNu||$EOF){eval $sPr} s r;,.:rrg;}print"\n";# It's time to appear !

I'll hope you enjoy it !

Update: Correction to add the shebang.

BoBiOne KenoBi ;)

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Re: It may be Too Much !
by arhuman (Vicar) on Feb 26, 2001 at 22:45 UTC
    I'm not an expert, but it took me some time to understand this one...

    Lot of noise...


    Anyway it seems to proove that easy ways, sometimes achieve good obfuscation.

    Note to BooK (Ueber-Obfuscator): It's not advanced obfuscation and you will deparse it easily, but keep in mind it's a (promising(2nd post is an obfuscate!))newcomer.
    Don't hit him to hard... ;-)

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