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You probably may want to know that the later version of CGI does support XForms Model POST, both as application/xml and as multipart/related. When you do such a post, the XML is available through the query param XForms:Model. As in

# Process XForms postings. We know that we have XForms in the # following cases: # method eq 'POST' && content-type eq 'application/xml' # method eq 'POST' && content-type =~ /multipart\/related.+start +=/ # There are more cases, actually, but for now, we don't support +other # methods for XForm posts. # In a XForm POST, the QUERY_STRING is parsed normally. # If the content-type is 'application/xml', we just set the para +m # XForms:Model (referring to the xml syntax) param containing th +e # unparsed XML data. # In the case of multipart/related we set XForms:Model as above, + but # the other parts are available as uploads with the Content-ID a +s the # the key. # See the URL below for XForms specs on this issue. # +mit-options