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Hi, I believe I am so late to join the party. I've been searching for these numbers called latitude and longitude that will identify my spot on earth. I think I've found some hints but not so sure. I believe that jcwren's explanations on 36963 and 37236 nodes are great, but I'm next to illiteracy when talking about this geographic stuff.

Here's my list of attempts (Sorry for not linking any URLs):

So here are the numbers I chose to use:
Latitude: -6.616154 Longitude: 106.816305
But I think I miss the minute and second parts. So, I downloaded a script written by Rudif, and fed it with those numbers:
$ monkmap -6.616154 106.816305 -6.61615 106.81630 <!-- Location:latitude=-006.36.58,longitude=1 +06.48.58-->

Well, it looks pretty nice :-) Now before I put that comment tag on my homenode, I'd like to know if it's the meat the parser that runs at 3.30 am EST is looking for, I think I still have a few hours.

So please help this poor soul and ensure him that the information is correct so he can tell his family and friends that there's a little red with his name on that BigMonkMap.

Well, I wish I could upvote on jcwren for this excellent work/hack!

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