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by BMaximus (Chaplain)
on Feb 28, 2001 at 02:25 UTC ( [id://61201]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Image: That's me on the left emptying my "diddy bag" at Catalina during the Catalina Cleanup. Divers volunteer once a year to go in and pick up the crap the boaters so thoughtfully drop/leave overboard. The chair on the left is a part of the pile. One diver found a boat motor and another found a $5k diamond ring with a detector (lucky bastard). You'll notice the huge bag I have and the relatively small net bags my fellow divers had. The moral of this story. Having too big of a bag can be a real drag and tough to lug around in the water. I got a net bag as soon as I was able to. The picture was scanned from the December 2000 issue of Sport Diver magazine.

Ok well I felt obligated to tell you a little about myself. I'm a Perl programmer just like everyone else here. I've been doing it for a bit over 7 years. Thanks to merlyn's book "Learning Perl" its what got me started, and I think you know how it goes from there. I have an extensive library of O'Reilly books to pour through.

My real life name is Jamie. I've been in computers for a better part of my life with my first computer being an Apple 2c which I got at age 13 (I'm 34 now). I graduated to a Pentium 266 which was the best in its days. Alas it died about 5 or so years ago. I now have an HP dv8000t w/ a pentium duo as a companion and a co-located server to play with that holds my domains, none of which are finished since I think paying the bills are more important (who doesn't, right?). I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong as many of you probably have already seen, but if I think I'm right, you're in for a battle. The B in BMaximus stands for Brutus as in brutal, but that's only for games. I show no mercy when it comes to that. However I hate reaming users for stupid questions.

Here's a quick glance of me:

Real Name: Jamie Krasnoo
Location: Los Angeles
Hobbies: SCUBA Diving, Computers (duh), Archery, Avaition, Electronics, Machining, building combat robots, Martial Arts
Pets: 2 Cats
Music: Gothic, Darkwave, Industrial, Techno, Jungle, Power Noise

Some usefull links to go to
Search Engine Theory

Version: 3.1
GCS d- s+++:- a- C++ UL++++ P+++$>++++ L++ E W+++$ N+ !o K?
w !O V-- 5+ X tv+ b+++ PS++ Y? PGP+(++) t+(++) X R+(++)
DI(+) D G e+ h-- r* y+

just to make it easy decode geek code

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