Wondering if your favorite Perl monk or monkette is in danger from the latest earthquake? Now you can easily tell if a quake has occurred near someone you care about.

The Official Stats Whore(tm) is proud to announce The Big Monk Quake Map. This exciting new feature overlays semi-real time USGS data on to a map, along with all the monks who have MonkTags(tm). In addition, the epicenter markers are clickable (using patented 1-Click technology), taking you directly to the USGS information page for that event. Truly Amazing...

The USGS data is updated once an hour, assuming their site actually responds. The map plots the last 10 events, and as mentioned, contains links to the USGS report on the event.

There is no button on the Ever-growing Massive Button Bar(tm) on the left, so if you forget where to find it, check the News page.

Next month: Real time storm tracking overlays... NOT!


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