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by cajun (Chaplain)
on Mar 02, 2001 at 15:49 UTC ( #61770=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Tonight I have witnessed something I've not yet seen here at the Monestary. Perhaps it has happened before, I don't know as I myself am somewhat new here.

I (and others) have witnessed one of our members calling people names in the CB, abusing people in the CB (repeatedly), downvoting newbies postings because it would "hurt them more", and even bragged about what he/she was doing.

Vroom and many others have contributed tons of time, patience and experience trying to make this site the wonderful Perl resource that it is. It continues to get better each day with new ideas and new people contributing. Many of us appreciate that and try within our own abilities to help.

I fail to understand this persons reasoning, if in fact he/she does have a reason. It's really sad to see such a good resource as this plagued by actions such as these. And yes, I'm quite certain that person will -- this posting. I guess if that is what makes you happy, then go ahead and --. I'm sure you have your reasons. I'll say this though, my life does not revolve around my XP. I came here to gain knowledge as most of us did. I'll continue to come here for that knowledge in spite of some bad apples that like to -- nodes for no reason.

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Re: Amazing...
by arhuman (Vicar) on Mar 02, 2001 at 15:55 UTC

    I was told by a wise person (Petruchio) to ignore those kind of people, as they'll eventually get bored and leave.

    It's a good advice, as it worked for me;
    as soon as I didn't react to provocation
    I stopped to be annoyed
    (I think the game became no more fun for mister
    'I-m-looking-for-someone-to-struggle-with' as soon as there is no 'opponents')
    It's interesting to note that this behaviour is exactly the same you should have with young children (should I deduce that there are young trolls in the monastery ?)

    So sad, other people gave interest (by arguing,answering, trying to educate...)
    to those kind of people.
    I'm not blaming them for this, I did the same :
    I've tried, in vain to understand those pople and make them behave.
    But I had to face it, when all they want is to mess with someone,
    all you can do is to make sure they won't find someone to mess with -> IGNORE THEM

    There are so many things to learn here...
    Just ignore the trolls...
      In my experience, trolls (and, closely related, those who thrive on controversy) continue to thrive because controversy is always readily available... or even made-up. From the genuine troll who wants to smash as many buttons as possible to the people who have to have it their way all the time, they're unavoidable.

      Although passive ignoring is effective from a continuance standpoint, these types have an effect on the general community that can't be ignored. They implicitly cause members to become less trusting, less fault-tolerant, less willing to help their perceived stooge. The trolls and controversy-thriving folk go away eventually, but the side effects associated with them don't pass as easily.

      Me spell chucker work grate. Need grandma chicken.

Re: Amazing...
by mirod (Canon) on Mar 02, 2001 at 17:59 UTC

    Maybe a generalized /ignore commend could allow us to ignore nodes from annoying trolls? Of course it would not stop AM trolling, but it would cut down on registered monks trolling, which seems to be the most annoying.

    Termination, or at least revocation of voting rights, for an established troll could also be used. How to establish that a monk is a troll should not be too difficult in light of some recent episodes.

(crazyinsomniac) Re: Amazing...
by crazyinsomniac (Prior) on Mar 03, 2001 at 03:08 UTC
    Are you sure about what you witnessed?

    Many a time all the name calling is in jest, i'm sure, and more than often new,and old, monks, forget about the care-free spirit of the monastery, especially in the chatterbox.

    What I find truly amazing, is that people continually find this type of behaviour/experience amazing.
    I my self was somewhat enlightened last month(with a little help from a friend, ofcourse), who remarked that it is better to be kind, and while I agree wholeheartedly, many a monk forget that someone is bound2/has2/should play the "devils advocate". I am not speaking about trolls. Trolls are not identified by a -- vote, but by a unique brand of vulgarity, ignorance, and outright despicability.

    "TROLL, TROLL!" - i hear being screamed all the time, and while trolls suck, not everybody is a troll.

    Do you want people(monks) to stop(--) expressing(--) their(--) opinions(--)?

    How exactly does one gain wisdom(experience) in life(here and everywhere else)?

    Maybe brother Thomas was onto something?

    Anyway, what i'm trying to say, while I am guilty of a lot of things(event troll-like behaviour), I have evolved, will continue to evolve, and you 'n' everybody else should let others evolve.

    And another thing, I have yet to find a person that -- a node for "no reason". Whatever the reason, they always had one, wheter or not it was justifiable/logical/other.

    Well, it's been a long day, and i took the time out of my busy schedule to write this up, so I leave you with these words of wisdom:
    "Live and let die", "Live and let live", "Live and let evolve", and "Live and be nice"!

    Disclaimer: Don't blame. It came from inside the void

    perl -e "$q=$_;map({chr unpack qq;H*;,$_}split(q;;,q*H*));print;$q/$q;"

use ignore;
by grinder (Bishop) on Mar 05, 2001 at 13:23 UTC

    I saw part of the deflagration. So someone snapped, so what? I missed the rest of the action because I sent a /ignore insert_name_here and that was the end of that.

    If anything, I just hope the episode teaches people all the functionality the CB has to offer.

Re: Amazing...
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 02, 2001 at 16:49 UTC
    Oh Please.

    How many times have we seen this kind of thread? Can you say XP Whore anyone?

    All this post serves is to bring attention to the trolls. Which ain't what you wanna be doin' chief.

      Is it just me or is this post vaguely reminiscent of what seemed to happen to /. some time ago? I mean discussions no longer being about stuff that matters, but about a few sad freaks who want to take the fun and usefulness out of this site and seem to succeed because everybody's aggravated and not really focussing on the relevant topics anymore?

      I just realised that I make myself equally guilty with this post, so that'll be my last words on the subject.

      Brother Ade
      In total agreement here - ignore the trolls - reap this entire thread.

      I speak as a reformed troll myself - trolls only do it for attention, and we're feeding them by talking about it. Especially when individuals are referred to.
        Don't even ignore them - to paraphrase the other guy.
      Just wanted to say to you all that it wasn't me who wrote this (Re: Amazing...) reply. Someone else used my sig line.

      I strongly disaprove of such behaviour and just want to let you all know...

      Thanks to cajun and Blue who /msg'ed me about it.

      Sorry all.

      /brother t0mas

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