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Re: How Much Is Too Much (on one line of code)?

by sfink (Deacon)
on Jun 18, 2007 at 23:30 UTC ( #621890=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How Much Is Too Much (on one line of code)?

Way too much. It would almost be tolerable if it were:
my $country = $card->country; $country = $country eq 'gbr' ? '' : uc "[$country]" if $country;
but maybe that's just me. I always put postfix modifiers on their own line, indented, unless they are for control constructs. I find them much more digestible.

<tongue where='in-cheek'>
The proper way to do this would of course be something like:

my $country; eval { my $countryId = Country::Identifier->new(id => $card->country); $country = Country::Factory->new(id => $countryId); my $cntry_formatter = Formatter::Factory->new(action => sub { "[" . shift() . "]" }); $country->apply(Iterator->new(type => "closure", args => [ $cntry_formatter ])); }
but I don't have quite enough room left in the margin of this post for the error handling.

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