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Re^3: scope in extreme programming ("perl")

by blazar (Canon)
on Jun 22, 2007 at 10:06 UTC ( #622764=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: scope in extreme programming ("perl")
in thread scope in extreme programming

I didn't realize that extreme programming and Perl were mutually exclusive.

tye, I didn't realize that porn and Perl were mutually exclusive. Should I be earnest to the maximum point? Well, it played a role in getting me involved with Perl. So a priori it's not even OT. However, should I ask: 'what does the term "dp" mean in the context of "porn"?' wouldn't you reply to the effect of "and your perl question is?" It may become an interesting Perl question if it were about how to use perl to retrieve interesting dp material out of the web - although I would expect flames getting out of it instead...

I'd like to read about extreme programming. I think it is an interesting and useful subject to be discussed at a site meant to be useful to Perl programmers.

Granted. If there's some actual Perl content. Even if a concept is explained abstractly... provided that there's at least a hint of a Perl example. But the OP both in title and content is nothing like this.

If you'd like to only get Perl syntax questions and flames telling people that their question would be more appropriate in comp.programming.extreme, then perhaps you'd be happier using Usenet instead of PerlMonks. To my delight, PerlMonks is not Usenet.

Oh, c'mon! You're a fantastic hacker whom I greatly respect, so I'm not dismissing you with a cheap argument. Having a background in Usenet, which I like, I'm probably biased towards it: yet I understand your concerns and especially the ones towards very strict policies about sticking to the topic. But think of it: there's a threshold, and the root node of this thread is well below any reasonable threshold for quite about anybody's standard.

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