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by WrongWay (Pilgrim)
on Mar 06, 2001 at 11:17 UTC ( [id://62458]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Bikes : 2001 Vstar
Wrecks : 1997 Virago
Starter: 1983 Seka
All yamahog all the way.
WrongWay's Home Node

1981 - Starting my coding with BASIC on the good ole Commodore PET.
1988 - Run in with "TELCO police", writing a BASIC phone phreak program.
1989 - Next was Machine Language on the commodore64. Now that was POWER.
1996 - Discovered PERL working for a startup ISP. Never wrote anything that advanced, just simple ISP type stuff.
1997-2003 Worked for EXoDuS and C&W. (the gross mismanagement of theses companies should have found someone behind bars.... but didnt...
2004-2005 Lots of freelance work both, for the gov, and the private sector.
2006 Life a new at a small company that actually VALUES it's Developers.

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