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by fundflow (Chaplain)
on Mar 06, 2001 at 22:25 UTC ( #62534=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re:
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merlyn, are you running a popularity test with your links? :)

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Why I use /cgi/go
by merlyn (Sage) on Mar 06, 2001 at 22:28 UTC
    Nope. I wanna see if what I'm saying is useful to people. And one way to do that more-or-less transparently is to know how many people clicked on a link, which my /cgi/go framework will tell me.

    Of course, it's been a long time since that URL actually fired off a separate process on my server: it's now a nice mod_perl handler very early in the Trans phase, but the URL is mnemonic enough that I stayed with it. {grin}

    For more details on what /cgi/go is and how to code it, see my WT column where I introduced it to my site.

    -- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker

      When I saw the title for this node, my first thought was:

      You should use /cgi/g instead, the /o is pointless when the regex is constant.


      I love it, but are you sure that this isn't the link to it? :)

      Hmm, had to hard code the link - the [ ] regex doesn't like it

      $ perldoc perldoc

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