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Re: IE cookies problem

by ides (Deacon)
on Jul 09, 2007 at 16:08 UTC ( #625643=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to IE cookies problem

I've run into this before myself and as strange as it sounds, it probably isn't your code, but the user's date, time, and specifically their time zone settings.

I'm not 100% sure about IE7, but with older versions of IE if the expires time was less than 2 hours and the user has their Windows set to the default Pacific time zone and they say live on the East coast IE sees the cookie as already expired and does not set it. Netscape/Mozilla/etc at least set the cookie for the browser session at that point which is why you don't see it with those.

I know it sounds strange, but get a few of the users to tell you their actual timezone and what they have their computer set to and I bet it solves your problem.

Hope this helps...

Frank Wiles <>

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Re^2: IE cookies problem
by jck (Scribe) on Jul 09, 2007 at 17:35 UTC
    i did think about that - but this happens when i try to log on myself using IE6 or IE7 (both of them crash), and with Firefox and other browsers it works just fine - this is from the same machine, so the time is set the same no matter which browser i'm using....

    most of my users are in the same town as i am, so we're all in the same time zone (physically, at least)

      Well if you've tested it then it may not be the case. But in the experience I was talking about all of the users were also in my hometown and you would assume in the same time zone.... but being in the Central Time Zone, LOTS of people never change the Windows default from the Pacific Time Zone which made it 2 hours off for us.

      Frank Wiles <>

        so, Frank Wiles was right!!! it was a time issue (which i totally don't understand).

        now, i'm no longer desperate, but i am perplexed!!

        all i had to do, in the end, was change to a +2h expiration time, instead of +1h, BUT the wierd thing is that when i open the cookie that is set in IE, the expiration time is actually one hour from the time i set it - why is IE chopping off an hour???

        thanks to all for the helpful suggestions, and if anyone has an idea about why this odd behavior - i'd love to know the answer! no rush though!!

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