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Re: New Service: Thread Watcher

by blazar (Canon)
on Jul 11, 2007 at 11:46 UTC ( #625989=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to New Service: Thread Watcher

In response to many requests throughout history, including but almost certainly not limited to the following
I have created a thread watcher service. (Note - it does not implement every feature of every request in the above-cited threads.)

As the author of one of those requests, I'd like to thank you so much and I'm very excited about this new service, however experimental it could be.

Full documentation for the service should always be available on watcher's homenode. This service is still quite new, and will probably be undergoing significant development in the coming months.

Very well done! BTW: you may include there a link to this very thread itself, along the lines of my birth announcement.

And now... let the feature requests begin! I think I'll be using the Free Nodelet hack but how about letting one post in addition to the id of the page also a link in the PM specific form of [id://625908], in which case it would have to be parsed... I'm sure many of us, especially amongst those using monklinks, would benefit from such an enhancement.

BTW: are future enhancements expected to be posted here? If so I'm watching this very thread soon...

This is not an official service of PerlMonks. It is hosted off site. All comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints about it should be directed to me. Being hosted on, there is no guarantee that it will be around forever.

Well, one nice point of PerlMonks is the existence of a bunch of side projects -like itself- which further enhance its value. I don't know how many sites and forums can say the same. Of course it's also thanks to its own structure that evidently allows all this to come into existence: it gives a large number of degrees of freedom, and while we're dreaming we can also dream of all these additional features as experimental ones that one day will become more closely integrated with the home site itself, since dreams do not cost anything, after all!

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Re^2: New Service: Thread Watcher
by jdporter (Canon) on Jul 11, 2007 at 20:20 UTC
    how about letting one post ... a link in the PM specific form of [id://625908],

    Actually, that is already supported. I just didn't document it.

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