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I want to "scrub" a second string of all characters which are not in the first string. Thus:
scrub 'pure', 'p!u-r-*e'; # returns pure
Here is the code I wrote. It works, but I was hoping there was a module or something which already did this.
sub string_clean { my ($pure, $dirty) = @_; my @pure = (split //, $pure) ; my @dirty = (split //, $dirty) ; my %pure = map { ($_ => 1) } @pure; my @cleaned = grep { $pure{$_} } @dirty; return join '', @cleaned; }


staring at the sample code, I'm thinking how slick it would look to call the function like this:
scrub 'impure' => 'pure' ; # yields 'pure'
you know... use the arrow to show the transition from dirty to clean... real English-like.

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