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Ok, I have a file that I need to append different port numbers to the end of each line. File looks like this

Address1= Address2= Address3= Port numbers are generated by pulling them out of another file my $source = "somefile.txt"; my @list; open(IN, "<$source") or die ("Unable to open $source: $!\n"); while(my $line = <IN>) { chomp ($line); $_ = $line; my $line2 = (split)[1]; chomp ($line2); my @words = split(/tcp/, $line2); my $word = $words[0]; chop $word; #print "$word\n"; push @list, $word; } close IN or die "error closing file : $!"; print "$list[0]\n"; print "$list[1]\n"; print "$list[2]\n";
Could someone point me in the right direction on how to do this... I need to be able to open up the file to append, insert the 1st port number from the array above, and so forth:
Address1=$list[0] Address2=$list[1] Address3=$list[2]