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1 - The reference to -lfpx is for FlashPix library - whatever that is!

2 - You might have installed ImageMagick into a different prefix than the default (/usr/local ?) In which case, when you run "perl Makefile.PL" you have to supply a bit more info now.

Call it as: perl Makefile.PL "INC=-I/path/to/ImageMagick/include" "LIB=-L/path/to/imagemagic/lib"

You can ignore the -lfpx as it should be harmless. You may need to rebuild ImageMagick with no support for FPX? Watch your "gcc" statements as they go across the screen. Does it look like there is enough path info for LIBs and INCs to get the job done?

Now you might need more stuff in the Makefile.PL command. I will be testing it out myself later on today. But in the mean time check that out if you have a sec.