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Crypt::RSA issues

by dusk (Friar)
on Mar 14, 2001 at 07:17 UTC ( #64311=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

dusk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Fellow monks,

I am interested in using Crypt::RSA; but, I am having problems fetching it from CPAN.

cpan> install Crypt::RSA Running install for module Crypt::RSA The module Crypt::RSA isn't available on CPAN. Either the module has not yet been uploaded to CPAN, or it is temporary unavailable. Please contact the author to find out more about the status. Try 'i Crypt::RSA'.

`i Crypt::RSA' returns:

Module id = Crypt::RSA DESCRIPTION RSA encryption, decryption, key generation CPAN_USERID VIPUL (Vipul Ved Prakash <>) CPAN_VERSION undef CPAN_FILE Contact Author Vipul Ved Prakash <> DSLI_STATUS bdpO (beta,developer,perl,object-oriented) INST_FILE (not installed)

As always, my humble thanks for any information :)

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Re: Crypt::RSA issues
by btrott (Parson) on Mar 14, 2001 at 09:22 UTC
    Your local metadata index might be out of date. Try
    cpan> reload index cpan> i Crypt::RSA
    And see if the correct data shows up.

    If not, you've probably got a weird CPAN mirror that hasn't been updated properly. I like, so you might try using that one.

Re: Crypt::RSA issues
by rpc (Monk) on Mar 14, 2001 at 07:37 UTC
    Perhaps this is due to crypto-export laws. What CPAN mirror are you using? Maybe try choosing another. However, i was just able to download it from here Using CPAN.
Re: Crypt::RSA issues
by Tuna (Friar) on Mar 14, 2001 at 07:26 UTC
    This worked for me:
    [root@Maleah trix]# perl -MCPAN -e 'install Crypt::RSA'CPAN: Storable +loaded ok Going to read /root/.cpan/Metadata CPAN: LWP::UserAgent loaded okFetching with LWP: Fetching with Net::FTP: Going to read /root/.cpan/sources/modules/ Going to write /root/.cpan/Metadata Running install for module Crypt::RSA Running make for V/VI/VIPUL/Crypt-RSA-1.25.tar.gz Fetching with LWP: +25.tar.gz Fetching with Net::FTP: +.25.tar.gz Couldn't login on at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0/ +line 2072. Fetching with LWP: Scanning cache /root/.cpan/build for sizes CPAN: MD5 loaded ok Fetching with LWP: Checksum for /root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/V/VI/VIPUL/Crypt-RSA-1.25. +tar.gz ok Crypt-RSA-1.25/ Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/ Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/03-random_octet.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/10-keygen.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/04-octet_xor.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/08-secretkey.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/00-errorhandler.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/02-os2ip.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/01-i2osp.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/11-wrapper.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/09-publickey.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/06-oaep.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/07-pss.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/t/05-primitives.t Crypt-RSA-1.25/lib/ Crypt-RSA-1.25/lib/Crypt/ Crypt-RSA-1.25/lib/Crypt/RSA/
    ....and so on. I've never installed modules any other way; I suspect that whatever machine you are logging into, doesn't have that module yet(?)

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