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Send a Excel Chart to a web page

by padawan_linuxero (Scribe)
on Oct 08, 2007 at 18:35 UTC ( #643528=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

padawan_linuxero has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hello!!! I am padawan, as the name can tell you I am new to Perl just got my Lama book a week ago, and I am going to get the Camel book to these weekend, I am working in Perl because of the circunstances here at work, been working on some kinda of code to make a CSV file been able to look at it in HTML or a web page, I found CSV2HTML to help me, but now I need the chart I create using WIN32::OLE send it to the webpage doesn't matter if is in a diferent page (to have the data and chart together will be great) can someone help me please I have no clue on how to do this. thanks

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Re: Send a Excel Chart to a web page
by snopal (Pilgrim) on Oct 08, 2007 at 19:48 UTC

    As far as I know there is no module that will duplicate a graphic chart from Excel into a duplicate web usable form. Your best bet is to generate an image of the chart graphically, or have Excel create a web document you can edit for display, and then apply that result onto the web page.

    If you are asking for a dynamic way to do all of this automagically from changing data, you are asking for a lot of work. There are other Perl specific tools that can create charts from raw data, but I can't guide you on that journey because I have little experience on that road.

      Really a small deal, all you need to do is to generate the jpeg when it is requested by the client. If the server load is heavy, can consider to generate the image periodically (and not for each request).

      He has the data, if won't be a big deal to draw the pic.

Re: Send a Excel Chart to a web page
by Gangabass (Vicar) on Oct 09, 2007 at 02:00 UTC

    You can create chart in Excel, Save as it AS HTML and after that insert acquired image (*.gif) into you web page. I think all of that is possible via Win32::OLE.

Re: Send a Excel Chart to a web page
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 25, 2007 at 20:38 UTC
    I cant find where to post this but i have something similar I will have an .xls file on my webhost that will have macros in it. I will then have a script that will go to another site and download another .xls file with data in it and then execute the macros in the first .xls file and parse the data etc. I would then like to have it save the data as html so it can be viewable on the web to other users. How would I convert that .xls file to html files just as if i were doing a File->Save As->html in excel?
Re: Send a Excel Chart to a web page
by Cop (Initiate) on Oct 09, 2007 at 01:00 UTC

    At the time when you generate the HTML page, also create the image and save on server locally. To make sure the timing is alright, respond after the image is saved.

    The rest is not your job, and it's the web server's.

    By the way, don't say that you use Perl only because some working situation, tell us that you really love Perl, otherwise we don't like you.

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