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Re^2: OT(ish) - Best Search Algorithm

by Melly (Hermit)
on Oct 15, 2007 at 09:25 UTC ( #644873=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: OT(ish) - Best Search Algorithm
in thread OT(ish) - Best Search Algorithm

A "circle of friends" is a set of (site) members where each member has exactly two "friendship" relations in the whole set

Hmm, I think so - each member can have many "friendships", but the answer will only have two "friendships" per person in the solution (i.e. superfluous friendships will be ignored).

I think this definition fits your description, but I'm not sure. My mental image is of a circle of persons, each holding hands - is that the right image?

Yes, but with some constraints - the first friend in the pathway must not be known to the last friend in the pathway (i.e. I know both of them, but they don't know each other).

map{$a=1-$_/10;map{$d=$a;$e=$b=$_/20-2;map{($d,$e)=(2*$d*$e+$a,$e**2 -$d**2+$b);$c=$d**2+$e**2>4?$d=8:_}1..50;print$c}0..59;print$/}0..20
Tom Melly,

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