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Re^2: odd =>behavior

by tcf03 (Deacon)
on Dec 04, 2007 at 17:29 UTC ( [id://654873]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: odd =>behavior
in thread odd =>behavior

I think I have in fact done that. In my original code, I had fat fingered => ( in lieu of >= ) I had a few moments and was playing with => vs >= on the command line. My first example, using => and >=, outputs 12. So based on that behavior, I would have expected the same to happen in my code.

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Re^3: odd =>behavior
by Fletch (Bishop) on Dec 04, 2007 at 17:36 UTC

    In your first example you have $num which is greater-than-or-equal to 1, so that prints the 1; you also have (in effect) print 2 if 2 which again is always true so it's always going to print.

    When you change your conditional in the later code to print unless $count => 8 you effectively have print unless 8, which will always be true hence you get all elements.

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    The cake is a lie.
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