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Re: Perl 5.6.0 on MIPS (R4K) - Linux

by baku (Scribe)
on Mar 21, 2001 at 00:09 UTC ( #65794=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl 5.6.0 on MIPS (R4K) - Linux

What kind of performance do you get if you run perl -c interactively? Can you narrow down the problem to being the shell/ or the actual compiler phase?

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Re: Re: Perl 5.6.0 on MIPS (R4K) - Linux
by darkcyde (Novice) on Mar 21, 2001 at 01:06 UTC
    It takes about 3 seconds for the interpreter to load up, with or without -c from ... It just seems weird to me.. for example, I can parse an entire httpd.conf, extract vhost data and print it out to the browser in "0 seconds" (using a simple time() at the top, and a time() at the bottom... ), it just takes a while for it to start up ...


    john@caffeine (/opt/www/tournament/cgi-bin) > perl -c n=n syntax OK
    john@caffeine (/opt/www/tournament/cgi-bin) >

    This takes ~2 or 3 seconds, comparable to my P60, which seems a little off perhaps (?)

    Maybe this is just normal... Although PHP4 scripts run in no time, so I'm not sure what's going on.


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